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For which laptops is the FlexTop 170 suitable?
For lightweight laptops up to 16 inches.
How do I set the FlexTop 170 to the right height?
First of all, it is important to adjust the distance between your eyes and the (laptop or tablet) screen. It should be about 50-80 cm (about the length of an arm). Next, it is important that the angle of your line of sight to the center of the screen is approximately -35° (as shown in the image below). Therefore, choose a position where your pose will be displayed, as shown in the image below.
How many different positions does the FlexTop 170 have?
This laptop / tablet stand has seven different height settings.
Is this laptop stand easy to set up?
Yes, you can set it up in seconds. To unfold it, simply insert the connector into one of the five slots for your ideal height.
Wat is het gewicht van de FlexTop 170?
The FlexTop 170 is super light and weighs only 187 grams.
What are the dimensions of this laptop stand?
The FlexTop 170 is very compact and has a folded size of 206 x 277 x 6.5 mm.
What is the height adjustment range?
The FlexTop 170 has seven different height adjustment levels. These are located between 11 and 25 cm.
What material is the FlexTop 170 made of?
The FlexTop 170 is made of high-quality aluminum sandwich material. This high-quality material is widely used in the automotive industry. This is because this material is lighter and at the same time more resistant to scratches and dents than aluminum.
Who is the FlexTop 170 suitable for?
The FlexTop 170 is a laptop stand that is suitable for anyone who often works with a laptop. It doesn't matter how tall you are, with the help of the 7 different height settings you can easily choose your desired height setting.
Why a laptop stand?
If you use a laptop a lot, legal requirements and practical guidelines tell us the need to use external devices such as a laptop stand. When you use the screen at the correct height, your working posture is correct. This reduces pain and/or nagging and makes you more productive than ever!
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